Current Members


  • Elizabeth Basha, EECS => University of the Pacific
  • Timothy Langlois, Lincoln Laboratory, Cornell, Adobe
  • Emily Pitts, EECS
  • Joshua Runge, EECS
  • Fernando Shao, Mathematics=> Stanford, Oxford
  • John Williams, EAPS
  • Chris Yang, EECS
  • Jeff Castillo, Aero Astro, Research Associate
  • James Duyck, Math and Computer Science (Research Associate) => CMU => Google
  • Chelsea Finn, EECS (Research Associate)=> Berkeley
  • Elyud Ismail, Mechanical Engineering, Research Associate
  • Joshua Mitteldorf, Visiting Scientist
  • Nick Roberts, Aero Astro, Research Associate
  • Hans Seybold, Post-Doctoral Research Associate => ETH
  • Piyush Tagade, Post-Doctoral Research Associate => Samsung India
  • Navi Tansaraviput, Researh Assistant
  • Caitlyn Wheatley, Aero Astro, Research Associate
  • Katelyn Wolfenberger, Mechanical Engineering, Research Associate