Informative Neural Ensemble Kalman Learning

TitleInformative Neural Ensemble Kalman Learning
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsTrautner, M., G. Margolis, and S. Ravela

In stochastic systems, informative approaches select key measurement or decision variables that maximize information gain to enhance the efficacy of model-related inferences. Neural Learning also embodies stochastic dynamics, but informative Learning is less developed. Here, we propose Informative Ensemble Kalman Learning, which replaces backpropagation with an adaptive Ensemble Kalman Filter to quantify uncertainty and enables maximizing information gain during Learning. After demonstrating Ensemble Kalman Learning's competitive performance on standard datasets, we apply the informative approach to neural structure learning. In particular, we show that when trained from the Lorenz-63 system's simulations, the efficaciously learned structure recovers the dynamical equations. To the best of our knowledge, Informative Ensemble Kalman Learning is new. Results suggest that this approach to optimized Learning is promising.