Animal Biometrics @ MCPR 14

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We had an interesting trip to Cancun to present results on Relevance Feedback in Biometric Retrieval of Animal Photographs. This is work we all did, but especially the work of James and Chelsea. Randy Westlund has now taken over systems engineering for Sloop. Joaquin is working with jaguars. 

An interesting aspect of this trip was to have Prof. Carlo Tomasi present. He is very cool, in my (Sai's) opinion. He asked questions of every speaker that presented, and got some lightbulbs going on his new time-dependent basis representation of motion for our work on chaotic solitons and perceptual fluid dynamics. One of the comments he made, about us, was to say that we seem to be finding roles for vision in problems where it typically does not exist. It's a really nice way to summarize what we do. We'll add that it's vision, robotics, learning for nature.

Cancun, you have to try it at least once.